Our Mission

Today more than ever people are exposed to hectic lifestyles, negative external influences through environmental pollution, and excessive stress caused by enduring daily competition in the name of better quality of life. This strenuous race feeds stress day after day, increasing and accumulating, creating a self-sustaining vicious cycle that seems almost impossible to break. In the long term and in a dramatic way, this impairs the harmonious balance with ourselves and with the world around us and with our health and our psychophysical well-being. We feel tired, burntout and weak as well-being and our zest for life yield to anxiety, depression, and illness.
The mission of Gemslight is to help people restore this lost balance and to fundamentally contribute to a holistic approach to human health and well-being. Gemslight utilizes the ancient traditional knowledge of Ayurveda described as the Energy of Gems in combination with modern technologies to improve and maintain the health of humans at all levels: energetic, emotional, mental, and physical, to produce balance in the body and harmony between humanity and the Cosmos.
When everything is in balance inside and out, people do not become sick....

The treatment with the Gemslight products gives everyone the chance to experience a very deep and effective recovery, which is deeper than deep sleep, in which the self-healing process is released throughout the entire organism, beginning with a balance of various energies which expand on all of the underlying levels, bringing a Reorganization and Regeneration of the whole Being.
The recovery in deep relaxation has an especially great soothing effect on our health; Gemslight thus helps to attain this condition of extreme well-being, that brings us in contact with our "Inner Self", an extensive unknown state, where serenity and peace rule and mind and body are united with the soul. This daily experience of deep relaxation leads, aside from improvement in our health, also to a strengthening of sensory perception as well as higher senses, which makes us more sensitive and thereby more respectful regarding fellow beings and the power of Nature.
Ultimately we can say that the energetically balanced human has a naturally healthy body, his/her mentality and emotions are full of love and gratitude for the world around him/her, and his/her surroundings, following the law of cause and effect, even reflect these values.

Our Project

The Gemslight Project is the result of thirty years of work (since 1989) in the field of Gemstone therapy.
Uniting the healing qualities with advanced technology and passion for innovative Design, has made it possible to experience this ancient knowledge of Gems and crystals, expanding it and making its diverse advantages available for use.
The Founder of Gemslight Systems Oskar Kuehbacher, Goldsmithmaster und Gemologist, has been passionately engaged with the Gemstones and the relevant fields of Ayurvedic knowledge.
During his over thirty years of activity in Gemstone therapy, based on much experience and results from treatment of diverse peoples, he has made many advances in treatment methods and instruments. The present Genslight System with its products and services is the result of many years of work, which has contributed to the development of an optimal combination of Gemstones, treatment points, and application times so that today the best possible results may be achieved. Within the Project several products have been developed which are connected to each other by common themes, namely, Gems and crystals on one hand, and the restoration of inner balance and human well-being to promote preventive health on the other hand.
The entire product palette is so conceived to include Gems or crystals, whether worn on the body or used in treatment, effecting the subtlest levels of human-being in order to restore energetic balance for psychophysical health with positive and organized impact on entire aspects of life.
The recovery of balance and well-being reflect externally and thus produce the vital harmony between humanity and whole creation.

The Importance of Accurately Selecting the Gemstones for Our Products

The Gemstones utilized in each GEMSLIGHT-Product are not only carefully from gemologist Quality criteria selected, but also the Jyotish criteria, which is more restrictive.
It is nevertheless this careful selection that to a great extent ensures the positive effect of our products. Our Gemstones must not only be left strictly natural, untreated, and not be imitated, but they must also be energetically purified before they are applied. In practice it is not easy to find Gemstones with such restrictive characteristics because most of the Gemstones on the market have been invasively treated, and even when this seems to beautify, they no longer possess their life enhancing characteristic vibrations.
Just the rarity of such untreated Gemstones on the market makes the search very difficult and expensive thus raising the price.
Regarding conditions for Quality, every Gemstone, also when not of excellent Quality, possesses its chief characteristic, namely its characteristic color, luminosity, and a certain transparency.
The size of the Gemstone is also relevant.
Although they likewise radiate soothing Energy, compared to bigger stones, too small Gemstones have a reduced "Effect Field". Thus one can say that the larger the Gemstone and the higher the Quality, the stronger its effect..

To learn more about the Gemslight-Method and its diverse advantages, we invite you all to continue the fascinating journey into the World of Gemstones according to the knowledge of Ayurveda in the Menu point "THE GEMSLIGHT SYSTEM".
We would also like to inform people who are interested that lately there have been more imitations.
For this reason we recommend everyone before you buy just any product to first try the Gemslight-System with one of our new products.
We are fairly sure that your experience with it will.speak for itself and thereby lead in the direction of a secure and guaranteed purchase.
Beware of imitations that do not carry the authentic Gemslight brand.

Founders of the company
Oskar Kuehbacher
Company Founder and President, Gemslight Project and Gemslight System Creator, Inventor and Developer of all related products. Master Gold-and Silversmith, Jewelery und Product Designer, Gemmologist and Diamond Expert, Ayurveda Gem Therapist.
Thirty years practical experience in the Gemtherapy according to Ayurveda. Knowledges on the selection of Jyotish quality Precious stones and on the realization of the traditional Vedic Amulet -Navaratna, learned in India directly from the Vedic Experts.
Lyudmyla Kachayeva

Co-Founder, Head of Marketing and Communications of the company, Head of Production Control, Jewelery und Product Designer. Doctor in Business and Economics, Marketing Specialist. Twenty years work experience in various International companies in Business Administration and Human Resources and Marketing. Current member of the Examination Commission of the Interior Design course in the Made in Italy Academy.