The importance of rest

"People who cannot find time for rest are obliged sooner or later to find time for illness."
                                                                John Wanamaker

In the course of our lives our mind and body are subjected to stress. It inevitably happens every day, and for exactly that reason we should guarantee ourselves a holistic restoration phase. Our body, our mind, and our emotions all need this holistic relaxation. Our soul is working hard trying to make its voice heard by our mind, but more often than not it is unsuccessful. The mind is too busy to perceive the cry of the soul. Every level of our human existence needs a haven of silence, a spell of rest, recuperation, when we shut down all our physical and mental activities and regenerate, renew ourselves, to be able to then continue our journey with greater vitality and more joy.
So what do we actually mean by holistic rest and regeneration?

Deep and effective rest

Generally, sleep is the only known way to recover after a long and busy day. During sleep a large part of the accumulated tension is processed and dissolved. However, the relaxation during sleep is not sufficient to release deep-rooted stress. Only the deepest level of relaxation, when the mind is completely silent, e. g. in meditation, allows the nervous system to recover completely. Scientific studies show relaxation twice deeper than that of deep sleep, also referred to as transcendental consciousness, which can be experienced in meditation. During this deep relaxation the mind reaches absolute silence and the inner life can be experienced in its fullness. This precious and deep relaxation activates the mechanism of self-healing, has a balancing effect on our state of mind and brings us clarity of mind, more health and energy, joy of life and longevity.

The Gemslight System for deep relaxation

The Gemslight system offers an innovative and revolutionary method of recovery, combining modern technology and Ayurveda, the perfect science of health. It is a method that achieves a very deep state of relaxation, restoring the individual's bioenergetic balance and returning it to its best condition.The Gemslight system brings body and mind into a very deep state of relaxation and rest, similar to that which can be achieved with certain meditation techniques. Many people who experience this state of deep detachment during their meditation confirm that they have similar transcendental experiences while being treated with the Gemslight system.
The Gemslight method consists of irradiating the main energy centers of the human body, the chakras, with the characteristic frequency band of the respective gemstones and amplifying their effect with the photons that serve as light carriers. Our chakras are a kind of "receiver" of cosmic energy, each synchronized to receive certain wavelengths that are different for each chakra. When a person is in good health, the chakras, like a well tuned musical instrument, are synchronized and tuned to receive the energy in the correct way. Under the influence of external factors ("general stress"), this correct functioning of the chakras, as foreseen by the wisdom of nature, could be severely restricted, so that the energy flows necessary for the permanent functioning of our organism are blocked.
This leads first to various states of imbalance in our energy body and later, if these imbalances are not eliminated, to more serious consequences: these imbalances will manifest themselves at the emotional, mental and physical levels in the form of various disorders and diseases.
Each chakra can be assigned to a particular gemstone, which irradiate the energy of a particular band of frequencies that its chakra is fine tuned to receive. The energy of the gems regulates, syntonizes, and charges the chakras with energy, restoring their proper function, eliminating imbalances and blockages, helping the organism to return to its original equilibrium. In this way, all energy flows are harmonized and generated a kind of fine tuning between Man and the Universe, ensuring the human beeing the necessary condition for his perfect health.
The beneficial effects of this new balance and the reorganization of energy extend to all underlying levels, such as the emotional, the mental and the physical. Anyone who wants to live a healthy life depends on a deep and effective recovery. A few minutes of your time are already enough to experience the decisive recovery effect with the Gemslight treatment, i. to achieve the best possible result with a minimum effort. The daily use of just a few minutes brings the various imbalances of the energy system back to their natural order, which in the long term the occurrence of various diseases and dysfunctions is removed from the breeding ground. This method also helps to strengthen the immune and nervous system, reduce mental and physical stress, provide good results in the treatment of depression and emotional instability, in the fight against insomnia, improve cognitive functions and adaptive processes of the autonomic nervous system.
The treatment with the Gemslight System optimizes the functions of all body systems, increases adaptability to external stress factors and activates the self-healing mechanism ...


If rest and regeneration are treated superficially, then we deny ourselves an immeasurable source of psychophysical energy and lose the chance for a higher quality of life. Among all the health related trends and fads, there exists a truly efficient way of achieving profound peace and relaxation and discovering the mystical source of silence in our inner self. The Gemslight Method offers a unique opportunity to dive into the innermost Self and awaken our deepest spiritual Nature so that our whole being with the help of the primordial energy of Gemstones can completely regenerate. "THAT WHICH NEVER TRULY RESTS DOES NOT LAST LONG" ...