Is true beauty really from within?

In recent decades, it has been discovered and confirmed how our inner well-being, fulfillment and the state of serene satisfaction can affect our outward appearance.
Stress make us look ugly
Some of us wake up in the morning with a tiredness feeling and gloomy thoughts haunting the mind. We look in the mirror to find out a pale and pallid facial skin, tired eyes and a sad look. This is the typical awakening of a person under pressure for a day to be forgot after going through stressing rhythms of modern world.
Happy Thoughts give rise to healthy cells
Going on holiday, having a careless run on the shore by being surrounded by the sea breeze which fills one’s lungs. Having a stroll on a sunny day, laying down on the grass to set up the eyes and free one’s mind through the blue sky. A friend comes by and says: You look younger, more beautiful, what have you done to look like so. Yes, thoughts can affect us. A fulfilled and happy mind put a sheen and brightness on our skin. All our appearance changes. Beauty gets evident.
The Ayurveda science for wellness
We are not allowed to always be on holiday or enjoy a carefree life. Our search for well-being led us to discover Ayurveda and all its practical techniques that this old wisdom offers us to implement a long-lasting state of contentment. Inner balance is the source of outer beauty.
We can consequently say that a healthy look and a fresh skin depend on an harmonious interaction amongst body, mind and spirit (soul) !
In fact, during the Ayurveda sessions the skin is given a paramount diagnostic importance. The skin condition fully reflects the physical impediments and reveals the occurrence of a disease even before it actually get evident. The skin works at the same time as a mirror, where one can read whether the chosen treatment or cure have been successful by observing any enhancement. The skin is described throughout the Ayurveda practice as the cream rising on the surface and it is intended as an outer manifestation of the condition affecting the first essential tissue of human body - Rasa Dhatu – plasma (liquid part of blood). It feeds all the other tissues (there are overall seven essential tissues – Dhatu forming our body)

There are three basic pillars to be put into account to have a healthy and fresh appearance as much as a clean, beautiful and radiant skin

1. Balanced diet and physical exercise
2. Care of one’s skin in accordance to its typology
3. Balance amongst body, mind and spirit: psychophysical and energetic harmony
Under the motto "inside & outside beauty" Gemslight proposes to all the people, willing to care the harmony of their own being and consequently not indifferent to the outside beauty of their body, to start considering this third and vital pillar – the psychophysical and energetic harmony. The human being, in line with the other things in the Universe is firstly made of energy, and secondly of matter. That being said, we all have our energetic body being the basis of our physical body, which is nothing but its touchable expression. The state in which the energetic body lies determines the condition of the related physical body. The situation can be optimal when our energetic body is well balanced. If there is a lack of energetic balance, our body will not be in a good shape and this has automatically an impact on our appearance. As far as the energy level is concerned, our psychophysical state shapes and leaves a mark on the creation of the aforementioned cream rising up on the surface - that is, our skin – being the most unrefined and changing exterior layer of our physical body.

As far as the energy level is concerned, our psychophysical state shapes and leaves a mark on the creation of the aforementioned cream rising up on the surface - that is, our skin – being the most unrefined and changing exterior layer of our physical body.

Deep relaxation for enhanced beauty

But shall we try to understand what we can do to improve our psychophysical and energetic balance and consequently our appearance?

The psychophysical and energetic balance mostly depends on a proper balancing between rest and activity. Rest is to be intended as exhaustive and effective one allowing the complete regeneration of our Being. Each of us perfectly knows what an undue stress can give rise to. It is often a consequence of a lack of proper rest and can become evident through disorders and various diseases. And if we are not in a good health, it does not matter how hard we try, we will never be able to look beautiful. It goes without saying with all these considerations that, by dealing with our beauty and physical appearance, it is not necessary to only cope with our skin and muscles in a separate way, but to adopt a more comprehensive / holistic approach as it is adopted to well-being, even to beauty. It is consequently appropriate already at first to create a favorable condition starting from the most untouchable level of our existence, that is the energetic level.
This favorable condition can be more helpfully achieved by the innovative Gemslight System. It is able to release the needed and effective total-rest allowing us to harmonize our energetic level on a short-time basis. That is the first step to go through a balanced psychophysical and energetic condition in tune with the surrounding environment. Our skin will obviously and immensely benefit from this new balance and will have a healthy, fresh and young appearance!
The bottom line is that the best anti-ageing treatment and the most advisable way to prevent the third-age arrival is to live a healthy life in accordance to the motto: “Inside and Outside Beauty “..
Do not hesitate to complete your seven-day beauty plans with "Inside Beauty" treatment from the Gemslight System. It will balance your energetic level and give you an outstanding appearance, a long-standing one, irrespective of your age!