Our Products

The assortment of Gemslight products consists of three different product groups, which are related in terms of Gemstones and crystals on one hand and on the other hand to balance, wellness, preventive and restorative health - with the relevant original and personalized Designs. The entire product pallet is so conceived so that, whether with Gemstones or crystals, regardless of whether they are worn or utilized in various treatment devices, on the subtlest level of being through which the energetic balance and thereby the psychophysical health is restored, all aspects of the person's life generally achieve improvement. The restored inner health and well-being reflect themselves externally and so produce the important harmony between people and their environment.
Crystals are extraordinary with naturally created harmonious structures. The birth of a crystal is bound to colossal energy that is released from the Earth as necessary for the process of crystalization. This pure energy stays locked within the crystal. The inner structure of the crystals is the main factor for its outer appearance (color, form, transparency, etc.) and especially the coherence between its chemical and physical characteristics.
At the atomic level the crystals show a highly graded ordered lattice formation. Thanks to this clearly defined structure, crystals have the ability to transform and return the light which shines through it in the form of its original creative energy to the surroundings. These energies are frequencies, which depending on the kind of utilized crystals, show specific characteristics and are distinguished through their unique atomic structure and chemical composition.
In our products we use the Gemstones recommended by Ayurveda to achieve the pleasant effects on people which have been known and verified since antiquity.

Gemslight Devices

The entire palette of products and Gemslight treatment devices and facilities, has been carefully developed to connect the required functionality with original Design.
The functionality and design are suited to the various installation possibilities and room requirements. All of the ergonomically designed Chaise Longue models can be adapted to the different needs of the clients regarding the selection of materials and the size of the applied Gemstones. Thanks to the careful selection of resistant materials and the integration of the finest and most refined details, a long life is ensured. The newest developments are used for the Gemslight-System electrical installations, where light transmission is ensured through optic fibers. Through this the simplest and prompt service and long life are guaranteed.
All our products are so conceived so that they can be used by anyone easily and practically without requiring qualified personnel...

Gemslight Art

The creation and collection of Gemslight Art are original works of art inspired by crystals and natural materials.
Each piece in the collection is a unique creation that is exclusively produced by hand and is a gift of Nature.
The creations have not only an aesthetic function, but thanks to the composition of the installed crystals, also have the abiiity to restore the energy balance of people, to neutralize electrosmog, and to produce the perception of harmony in the environment that one finds oneself in.
The effect produced by crystals in their environment is an atmosphere of peace and harmony, order and balance, for the benefit of people as well as animals and plants.
Would you like to give yourself and those close to you something unique, which is not only an object but likewise an emotion, a touch of magic? Then this is exactly the right gift, coming with the energy of creation which the crystals in your living space radiate!

Navaratna - Stargate

Since ancient times, since millenia, people have believed that Gemstones possess the power to connect the visible with the invisible world. They come from Eternity and remind us that we are a part of it. One of the old myths says that Gemstones crystalize the light of the stars. They were never considered only to be material but also as a symbol. A symbol of the Gods, of the stars, of destiny. An oracle saw their future, as amulettes they were protection from enemies.

Every natural crystal has not only its own story of unique beauty given by Nature, but each Gemstone possesses its own special energy. This energy of the Gemstones can transfer and integrate their harmonizing and ordering effects with the owner. For this reason people since antiquity have utilized Gemstones not only for jewellery but also as guard and protector, as helper in business, and as an overall cure. Already in ancient India the healing power of Gemstones was known and utilized. People believed that Gemstones contained the energy of the planets and the heavenly bodies and that through this energy people would receive what they need with the selection of right Gemstones. To receive the positive effects of the Gemstone energy, one could wear it in the form of jewellery, for example. The Gemstones thus worn are in constant contact with the owner so that its vibrations interact with the vibrational field of the person, enriching the energy body.

In Ayurveda – the science of perfect health – acknowledged today worldwide in the field of health as an alternative healing method, disease is viewed as insufficiency of harmony and balance among the elements, power and energy, which disturbs the organism. The approach is holistic and consists of 20 different methods for achieving perfect health. One of these is the Jyotish – Vedic Astrology – valuable knowledge that can guide us in the universe and our place within it.
According to Jyotish, each one of us possesses our own unique energy matrix, which is given by the time and place of our birth, which means through the exact position of the 7 heavenly bodies: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and the 2 Moon nodes Rahu and Ketu at this time. This planetary matrix corresponds to the physical body in its various coarse and fine levels. The planetary matrix can show each individual's energetic weaknesses, which disturb the balance of life in its various aspects. One means of restoring balance described by the Jyotish is a Navaratna, which must be worn as a piece of jewelry.
 „Navaratna“ means in Sanskrit, the language of the Vedas, „Nine Gemstones“ (nau = nine and ratna = Gemstone) and is a traditional Indian jewel with nine precious Gemstones, each symbolizing one of the previously mentioned heavenly bodies. Mostly this piece of jewelry is produced in the form of rings, pendants, bracelets, and necklaces. The Gemstones of the Navaratna and the corresponding heavenly bodies are: Ruby (Sun), Diamond (Venus), Pearl (Moon), red coral (Mars), blue Saphire (Saturn), yellow Saphire (Jupiter), Emerald (Mercury), Hessonit or Hyazinth-Zirconium (Rahu – ascending Moon nodes) and Chrysoberyll-Cats Eye (Ketu – descending Moon nodes).
In all the Navaratnas these nine Gemstones are always included and are arranged in precise order, which is fundamentally meaningful for the desired effect, based upon the universal order of things, the macrocosmos and the individual microcosmos.
The Navaratna is much more than a jewel: it is a Talisman, a powerful amulett that is especially made for its owner to protect him/her, to strengthen his/her personality, and to bring health, well-being, and wealth. It is a holy object, possessing strength and power that opens the doors of the universe, connecting us to the highest energy.
As a polarizer of astrological energy governed by the sun, the Navaratna creates a form of protection for the bearer, since all of the cosmic power of the analogy of the Gemstones that they represent, together in a precious Mandala creating a special synergy which has regenerating and balancing power, restores the energy balance and enriches all of the underlying levels of the emotional, mental, and corporeal.
Thus the person is protected by the strengthening of his/her energy field against external negative influences, thereby heightening the orientation for the good and well-being of the bearer.
When the nine Gemstones are combined in this constellation, you accept a certain spiritual position, in which you also positively influence the extraterrestrial level of human life, which means that you affect the Karma of the person and help to transform the chain of causes and consequences of human relations and actions. The Gemstones gradually change the relation between cause and effect of the actions of the bearer, transforming even in unremarkable ways the Karmic entanglement, thus producing positive changes in the person's life.
The Navaratna is a good luck charm and can dispel negative energy and give the bearer health, wealth, happiness and bliss, which is why it is often given to the bride and groom on their wedding day.
For the Indians each Navaratna-Jewel is unique and possesses its own energy and power. It is important to feel and follow your heart when selecting your Navaratna.
The Gemstones of the Navaratna must always and without exception be natural stones and may in no case be imitations. Beyond this they must be energetically purified and strengthened with very special spiritual rituals.
In practice it is not easy to find Gemstones that are appropriate for use in the Jyotish context because most are treated with various methods and, even when they seem to have been made more beautiful this way, they no longer possess their original vibrational quality. It is also important that the Gemstones of the Navaratna are a certain size. Small Gemstones nevertheless have positive energy, but its field of effect is reduced compared to bigger stones.
Also as important is the quality of the Gemstones: also when they are not of the highest Jyotisch Quality, they must still have important characteristics in terms of color, degree of purity, and appropriate size. One can generally say: „The bigger, purer and more homogenous in color the Gemstone, the better and stronger its effect on its lucky bearer."

Our Navaratna-Stargates, also called „Sternentore“, are our own Creations for the line of Gemslight Creations.
Each piece in the collection is a unique masterpiece and is individually formed and finished by a master's hand.
All of the applied Gemstones are carefully sorted and ultimately checked according to gemologist criteria to see if they meet the Jyotish criteria. This overall accurate selection guarantees the holistic positive effect of our creations.
The readiness of the bearer, together with the overall regenerating, protective, unifying power of the Navaratna, is the best formula for unleashing the greatest possible life enhancing effects.