"Preventing is better than curing"

We would like to introduce this chapter with the motto, "Preventing is better than curing."
Although everyone knows this proverb, it is unfortunately not yet given appropriate significance in our society and in the usual way of thinking and acting.
We handle our car well, we let it rest regularly to avoid serious problems with high costs that could otherwise result.
But what do we do for our body and well-being, and for our mind?

At present, only perhaps a minority of the world's population may consider prevention to be the best way to keep the body and mind healthy.
Most people only start to deal with health when they are confronted with discomfort or illness. Fortunately, humanity is now happily leaning toward greater self-awareness and, consequently, awareness one's own health as an indispensable part of human existence.
Therefore, health care is becoming more and more the focus of attention of society as it increases in importance and meaning.

The cause of the disease is an imbalance in the energy body

Ayurveda, the science of perfect health, builds on the most important concept, stating that disease is nothing but the lack of balance in our energy system at one or more places.
This means that any illness or any physical or mental discomfort is caused by an energetic imbalance that exists in us, similar to a seed that germinates under unfavorable conditions such as excessive stress, and as a result may develop into a specific and individual malaise or illness.
In fact, each of us has an individual energy matrix with its weak and strong points.
These weak energy points have their own physical and mental counterparts.
We can also call them "unfavorable energy seeds" that can "wake up" from one moment to the next..

Nature gives us an advantage

The good news, however, is that there is an advantage in all of this, and that is the time that passes between a simple energy imbalance and its subsequent manifestation in the form of a mental and/or physical illness.
Nature is intelligent and gives us an opportunity to correct the present imbalances before they manifest on another level. And at this point, our motivation comes into play to consider providing for physical and mental health and well-being.
Provision for physical and mental health and well-being is aimed precisely at eliminating these invisible energy imbalances to prevent the onset of illness or discomfort.

The Gemslight System stabilize your energetic balance

The Gemslight System offers the possibility of mind and body prophylactic health by balancing your energy system with the precious stones described in Ayurveda.
With our services and the full range of our products, we offer something for everyone who cares about health the opportunity to use the intelligence of nature to his/her advantage to lead a healthier and more harmonious life with oneself and the surrounding world.
When you are able to maintain your energetic balance, you radiate harmony within yourself and with others as a source of light and love. By remaining centered in your own source of energetic equilibrium, you become a role model and inspiration to many other people.

In summary, achieving and maintaining energetic balance is the best way to assure perfect holistic health and longevity.