Chaise Longue Modern

Fichte A-Qualität
ID: 17-GCLM11
Chaise Lounge Modern (Art.17-GCLM11)

Die Chaise Longue Modern is one of our Top Gemslight Models. With this display we have a special look, a comfortable ergonomic surface, and most modern Design with simple and clean lines. As a whole, it has an elegant presentation but with striking Character, thanks to the selection and composition of materials. For diverse applications we recommend this for use in Sports and Fitness facilities. The finest attention is paid to detail with high quality workmanship to ensure its production.
This model is intended for „simplified use“, requiring no special training. Instructions are included so that anyone can implement it without the additional help of an experienced service person.
We recommend the following areas for use:

Sports and Fitness facilities
Stress Managment for Business
Health- and/or Prevention centers
Rehabilitation clinics
SPA und Wellness facilities
Ayurveda-Clinics and Clinics for Alternative - und Complementary medicine
Beauty institutes
Yoga centers

Material for the lying surface: Export - Native Pine (A Quality), upon request we also apply other types of wood, example Larch, Zirm, etc.
Color: according to selection of wood and surface treatment
Material of sockets: aluminium, powder covered anthracite-gray
Integrated Gemslight System: composed of the 9 primary Gemstones and the 9 secondary Half-Gemstones arranged according to the Ayurvedic science of holistic health.
The quality of the Gemstones applied meet the strict standards of the Jyotish-Criteria (see Menu under Firm Description– ABOUT US)
Integrated Electrics: Low energy use with only 13W LED lighting, 30V with 220-240 V entrance tension and light transmission through optic fibers
Mass (L x W x H): 180 cm x 70 cm x 150 cm
Weight: minimum 50 kg (weight varies according to type of wood)

Upon request, we can naturally customize manufacturing according to the specific wishes of our clients!