Travel - Set 9

ID: 18-GTS9
Travel Set 9 (Art.18-GTS21)

The Travel Set 9 is a portable version, which thanks to its low weight and compact size (when disassembled), is especially suitable for travel. Is is practical to use, easy to assemble, and suitable for small spaces. It comes with its own case with its own custom cut inner furnished thick padding for the complete Set including all of its individual pieces for convenient transport.
Wir empfehlen folgende Einsatzbereiche:

Massage studios
Naturopathic practices
General rehabilitation therapy
As an initial noninvasive treatment
Stressmanagment for small businesses
Health- and/or Prevention centers
Ambulant health centers
Yoga Centers
Private Health Facilities

Integrated Gemslight System: composed of the 9 primary Gemstones and the 9 secondary Half-Gemstones arranged according to the Ayurvedic science of holistic health.
Dimensions: length 140cm x width 20cm x height 80 cm
Material of the portable frame: aluminium powder white coating
Electronic specifications: with 24 V output, 13 watt LED-lighting and light transmission through through optical light fibers
Weight of all the equipment: 7 kg (including suitcase)

Upon request, customer tailored Designs are also available!